2017 Southern California Lifeguard Recruitment

Once again Golden State Lifeguards has started the task of recruiting for the 2017 season yet to come and is coming rapidly. 2017 marks the fifth year in a row we have witnessed what we call the worst lifeguard shortage ever and this concern is being shared all over the United States . This is very discouraging especially for a company such as ours that relies on experienced and professional lifeguards to bolster its staff for the spring and summer months in Southern California.


This year we are pulling out all the resources we have to attract experienced and professional lifeguard candidates from the Southern California region. Only time will tell if we are successful.

A majority of the resumes we have received are from individuals with little to no experience as lifeguards. They assume they will be trained as lifeguards however we are not the type of company that hires anyone with a “heartbeat” and put them through a two day training course hoping they will be able to perform the job. While other companies do that, we never will and never have operated in that fashion. We have also noticed that many of the applicants have no swimming experience which is of great concern to us.

If you want to read about how the other companies operate, click here!

Secondly, we do not hire young lifeguards as that presents another set of problems such as lack of maturity, responsibility and accountability. We find that many young lifeguards are looking for a company that seems to be a place to “party” or a place to meet the opposite sex rather than a company that takes its work seriously. Many applicants are told from the get go that we expect a lot and many of them never follow through with the candidate process. That says volumes!

Most applicants are required to submit a resume for evaluation. Once evaluated, they receive an official application that must be turned in with a form authorizing an initial background check as well as a swim certification form just as Los Angeles County Lifeguards require of candidates. We have seen a reluctance of applicants not following through and therefore are disqualified from the process. They are also ineligible to reapply.

We have also found that many applicants can’t follow directions and do not read our job postings thoroughly. If one can’t follow directions, how can a company expect them to perform the job of lifeguard when even the job requires extreme mental focus?

It is true that we have one of the most difficult hiring standards in the industry but that is to ensure that our clients are getting the best. That is what we deliver! Only 10% or less make the cut!

Candidates that are interested in applying can visit our employment page by clicking here! A downloadable application can be found on that page.

To all candidates, we say good luck!


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