Adult Pool Parties – Southern California

It is true that we are primarily known for providing lifeguards to kids pool parties all over Southern California and that is not at all a bad thing. It is also true that a majority of the jobs and clients we get involve younger swimmers however we also get adult pool parties that present a challenge. No matter what type of party or event we get, the job is always the same…protect guests at all times.

We have had to provide a team of lifeguards to some very large and very difficult adult pool parties within the Los Angeles music and film circles. These parties typically involve recreational drugs and alcohol making it very difficult to enforce common sense rules on the pool deck as well as dealing with those who decide to challenge our team. We are sure that we are not the only company that has dealt with this these types of parties. What we are not saying is that these parties are all bad. The fact is that a few can make life difficult for our teams and the rest appreciate our presence.

From time to time our crews are hired to provide coverage at Las Vegas pool parties that require experienced lifeguards in this arena.  When experience counts, they call on strong companies to provide coverage.

Most of the parties that we work result in no incidents however we have had to break up fights with the help of security teams and law enforcement on site. Very rarely do we get significant injuries but we do get highly intoxicated guests that require medical intervention at which point we have to activate 911 to summon fire and paramedic crews. As a result of the nature of these pool parties, we always place our dually certified (EMT’s or Paramedics) guards on duty just in case.

When it comes to these types of adult pool parties, there is never a dull moment to say the least!

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