Aquatics Management, A Valuable Service

During the past 5 years, we have observed a steady decline in the quality of lifeguards present at many hotel pools, resort pools, HOA pools and many other type of aquatics facilities in Southern California. For this reason Golden State Lifeguards offers Aquatics Management services to facilities that have swimming pools. Why aquatics management?

The service we offer allows many of the above listed venues to outsource the headache of hiring, training and retaining qualified lifeguards among other things associated with facility management. After speaking with many human resource managers, we have found that attempting to hire qualified lifeguards has become a rather huge burden on time and resources. Some of the problems they have run into have been described as follows:

  • Too young
  • Inexperienced
  • Attitudes of entitlement
  • Undisciplined
  • Out of shape/unable to perform job duties
  • Unfocused

The list goes on and on. Some of the other problems have been that many of the venues simply can’t do a thorough background check and drug testing. They also do not skills test applicants to verify proficiency of lifeguard skills. All of the above can be very problematic and can increase liability concerns.

For many of the venues that have aquatics facilities, aquatics management services can save them money and allow them to have qualified, experienced and professional lifeguards available for their guests. However, they must choose a company that specializes in delivering top notch aquatics management services.

Another problem we have seen and is always a challenge is that many venues do not want to pay the costs of securing aquatics management services. Many of them have traditionally paid lifeguards minimum wage or slightly above which explains why they have a difficult time in acquiring top lifeguards. In order to attract good lifeguards requires better pay and in order to have the best aquatics management services requires paying top dollar for such services.

There are a few others that offer aquatics management services however some are not offering the service that would be expected. Please read the following,

Aquatics management services is not just about lifeguards! Many of the venues just do not understand what is involved and for example the following is what we offer clients:

  • Professional & Mature Lifeguards
    – At least 21 years of age or older
    – EMT’s or Paramedics on deck
    – In-Service training
    – Fully background checked
    – Fully uniformed
  • Professional & Mature Support Staff
    – Lifeguard Captains to supervise (lifeguard auditing)
    – FTO’s to monitor lifeguards
    – Human resources (Scheduling, Shift trades, etc.) (Special events, Etc.)
    – Accounting/billing
  • Opening & Closing Day Preparations
  • Facility EAP’s/IAP’s
    – Emergency Action Plans
    – Incident Action Plans
    – Submitted to local Fire Department
  • AED’s
    – Maintenance & checks
  • First Aid Kits
    – Placing & maintaining kits throughout aquatic facility
    – OSHA compliant
  • Documentation (HIPPA Compliant)
    – Patient Care Reports
    – Facility Inspection Reports
    – Water PH Reports
    – Facility Maintenance Reports

  • Safety Camps
  • Swim Lessons
    – Kids lessons (individual or group)
    – Adult lessons
    – Stroke training

    – 60/40 split on swimming lesson revenue

Choosing the right company that offers the best aquatics management services is crucial to the overall success of the venue.

For more information on Golden State Lifeguards Aquatics Management Services, please call 747-444-1035 or email to

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