Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) Save Lives

As the summer season starts winding down, certainly does not mean that Golden State Lifeguards slows down. Actually quite the opposite and in fact at the conclusion of this season, the company will be applying with Los Angeles County EMS Authority and other agencies to become an AED provider. What this means is that if our lifeguard/medics should witness a cardiac arrest or should arrive on scene of a cardiac arrest, defibrillation can be initiated within minutes of onset that could lead to better outcomes for cardiac patients.

At almost $2,500.00 per unit, the AED’s will be placed with our lifeguard/medics and our command staff. The goal is to have AED’s on many of our beach accounts and on some of our bigger aquatics events. The AED’s will also be available for our aquatic management accounts that do not have AED’s.

philips_fr2 The AED will compliment our trauma kits that are required on all private beach accounts and larger events. The trauma kits are assigned to our lifeguard/EMT’s or Lifeguard/Paramedics who are trained to provide a higher level of care if someone should need our assistance.

During the off season we spend a great deal of time recruiting, training lifeguards and engaging in the business of drowning prevention & awareness. 2016 is looking to be our busiest year ever as we are expanding into Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Orange County, San Diego County and of course Las Vegas Metro region.

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