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For many who have taken CPR classes in the past know how boring and sometimes stale it can be making it hard to stay awake. Well, Golden State Lifeguards has decided to raise the bar once again. We are not afraid to go outside of the box to introduce new innovations enhancing the old way of doing things. In this case it was CPR training that has caught our attention.

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We have introduced a new and trendy concept to the old boring style of CPR instruction. We all know that food and wine creates a relaxed environment and we thought that perhaps we could do the same for CPR instruction. Instead of the ole stuffy classroom, why not offer a class in the privacy of a home. OK, well that’s not new however adding food and wine catering to the mix is very new and cutting edge! We have also introduced a non-alcoholic CPR party by featuring a local gourmet coffee and tea company (www.vimandvigorcoffee.com) and dishing out pastries created by Porto’s Bakery. So far the response has been staggering to say the least!

Our target audience are parents with small children and those homeowners with backyard swimming pools. It is so important that everyone learns CPR as it is a lifesaving skill that could come into play at any moment. So many people die because bystanders do not know CPR and rely on 911 to get emergency units on scene. The problem with that emergency units may not always arrive in that 4 to 6 minute window in which rapid intervention must be initiated.

In a further move to shake things up, we also offer Pet CPR Parties. Again, an offering that is getting a lot of attention and filling our email boxes quite rapidly!

Our CPR Parties are offered in the San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley and Simi Valley regions.

For more information, please visit our CPR Party page at http://www.goldenstatelifeguards.com/services/training-center/cpr-parties-l-a/

We can also be reached at 747-444-1035 or info@goldenstatelifeguards.com


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