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Frequently,  Ocean/beach lifeguards from all over ask us, “What do I have to do to become a Lifeguard for Golden State Lifeguards?” Below is an outline of the process toward earning a position in the ocean/beach lifeguard division.

Golden State Lifeguards has a long standing reputation of being one of the top private ocean lifeguarding providers in the Southern California region. We are looking for quality individuals with a strong aquatic background (swimming, surfing, etc.) to continue to represent what we are known for.

  • Must be 18 years of age of older
  • Must have a high school diploma
  • Must have a valid CA drivers license
  • Must have previous open water lifeguard experience

Candidates should also possess the following traits and values: Integrity, Teamwork, Community, Commitment, Courage, Caring



All ocean/beach candidates are required to print, fill out and sign company application for employment prior to lifeguard competition. Application can be found here!

All applications should be mailed to:

Golden State Lifeguards
Lifeguard Competition
c/0 Human Resources Dept.
21123 1/2 Costanso Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

You may also fill out online interest form to enter competition/examination. You will be notified by email of testing location and times.




Our staff recommends a minimum of three to six months training time prior to the exam. The best way to prepare for the 500 meter ocean swim exam is to train with a masters, school, or club swim team. Contact your local aquatic professional about the availability of one of the aforementioned programs near you: List of Municipal Pools. At the very least, swimming 3-5 days a week on your own is advised.

The test is very competitive, so try to be in the best swimming shape possible. Ocean swimming can be very different than pool swimming, so practicing in the ocean is also a must. When you go to train in the ocean, remember to ask a tower lifeguard about the ocean conditions and any possible hazards.



Candidates compete in a 500 meter ocean swim. Candidates must wear a standard swim suit (ie. Speedo, Jammers, swim trunks, women’s two piece/ one piece swimsuit etc.). Specific information regarding swimwear can be found in the USA Swimming Rulebook, under rule 102.8.1B (page 30). You will be required to wear a swim cap for the swim. A swimsuit and swim cap are the only things that can be worn for the swim exam. Wetsuits, fins, goggles, or any other type of insulation, flotation, or propulsion equipment will not be allowed for the test.

All applicants will line up at the starting line (7:00am) and are started all together. They enter the water, swim out 50 meters, make a quarter turn around a floating marker and continue swimming parallel to shore for 400 meters, then around another marker and 50 meters in to a finish line in the sand. There is no set cut-off time for the swim. Times vary year to year depending on ocean conditions. Top finishers are determined by place rather than by time. Only 10 to 15 finishers will receive a popsicle stick at the finish line denoting their finishing place and will proceed to the interview process.

The day of the swim, bring a swim suit, towel, warm clothes, food, and water.

We will only accept up to 50 candidates for the ocean lifeguard swim test and only the top 20 will be selected to move onto oral interviews.



All candidates will be subject to extensive background check to ensure accuracy of information on official application submitted. Once background checks have been completed, candidates who pass will be notified by mail.

All inquiries can be directed to hr@goldenstatelifeguards.com









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