Here We Grow Again – Golden State Lifeguards

As we gain traction in Southern California, our operations keep getting better and bigger each year. 2009 was a bad year as the recession hit many very hard including us here but this summer we are proud to announce that business is at pre-recession levels indicating that we have survived the storm. To add to our continued growth is the fact that many companies providing private lifeguards have been crumbling. To date there are only 3 major companies in existence. The rest have simply ceased lifeguard operations for various reasons. Our marketing and PR team have been instrumental to our success as well.

Although our pool lifeguard section has been steady, we have observed a substantial decline in productions in Southern California. It has been common to get 3 to 4 summer productions filming on or around water however that is not the case this year.

2015 has been a pivotal year for us as we have incorporated ocean/beach rescue services into the mix and we have started developing a lifeguard training center aimed at young potential candidates who seek a career in the lifeguard/EMS field. What is unique about this training is that for the first time, a training academy will challenge candidates like never before and not all who walk in will walk out as lifeguards. Too often many lifeguard teaching centers simply run a mill operation with no regards to skills and proficiency. Those days are long gone!

As we expand into ocean/beach rescue services, we have started developing an open water training academy in accordance to USLA guidelines and have taken notes from other agencies such as Los Angeles County Lifeguards and even Newport Beach Lifeguards. We will host our first open water academy in spring of 2016 and the top 15% of graduates will be asked to join the Golden State Lifeguards ocean/beach rescue team.

Currently company officers have been planning for 2016 and potential impacts such as the developing El Nino which is being projected to be 60% stronger than the previous El Nino. This could drastically impact Southern California beaches. As we expand into ocean/beach rescue services, we will eventually limit private pool party bookings which has traditionally been our busiest section.

As of July 2015, we have started to seek help from GMC to acquire new beach patrols for future state and local contracts. These vehicles will greatly enhance our services to protect more lives and to respond to emergencies much faster.

2015-chevrolet-colorado-show-truck-frontWe are currently seeking angel investors to help us expand and to acquire the necessary lifesaving equipment to keep operations running a maximum speed into the future!

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