Las Vegas Lifeguards – A New Chapter


It has been a long two year journey but as of 2017, Golden State Lifeguards is finally creating a new division that specifically services the Las Vegas region. “The time is now”, says Lifeguard Chief Ed Castillo.

Senior company officers have been taking inventory of available services in Las Vegas and have come to the conclusion that there could always be room for improvement. Notably improvements would be to offer the same level of service as its Southern California division by way of lifeguard/EMT’s or lifeguard/paramedics. Having a higher trained lifeguard will ensure that if something should happen at a private pool party or an aquatics event, any injuries can be treated or stabilized prior to emergency services.

Company officers also know that Las Vegas EMT’s and paramedics operate under a different scope of practice which means the company will be forging solid relationships with the local EMS authority to ensure lifeguard/medics are in compliance with local standards. There will be no wiggle room on that! Recruiting for highly trained lifeguard/medics has begun and of those candidates, the top candidates will be running the Las Vegas operations directly reporting to senior officers at Golden State Lifeguards.

Chief Castillo has already received numerous calls from local casinos to inquire in regards to consultation and independent auditing services of lifeguards. The idea is that no matter where the company goes, to leave a heavy footprint in terms of raising the bar for lifeguard services/coverage.

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