Lifeguard Academy – No Free Handouts!

This has been a long time coming and we feel that now is the time to release news of our intention to create a lifeguard training academy like no other in Southern California or the rest of the nation for that matter. For too long we have heard over and over of lifeguard instructors issuing certifications to those who did not deserve those lifeguard certifications. We feel very strongly against instructors handing out certifications like participation trophies which sends the wrong message to lifeguard students or to those who want to become lifeguards.

It is also a fact that unlike the claims made by lifeguard instructors, lifeguards are not made in just three days of training. One local company goes as far as calling their American Red Cross course a “3 Day Boot Camp” which we find absolutely laughable.

The hard truth is that when those lifeguards get into a situation that calls for swift action, they will most likely freeze as the training they received was inadequate in preparing them for that moment. We hear stories all the time of young lifeguards freezing and untrained bystanders getting involved to save a person’s life. Well, if we can help it, our goal is to produce some of the finest lifeguards who can function as lifesavers. We are hoping to attract students from all over this nation who will travel to Southern California for this training.

Our lifeguard academy will incorporate a military feel to it and aims to challenge students mentally and physically under the direction of highly experienced lifeguards. This is an element that is lacking in the world of lifeguarding. Military style academies are a normal thing for most police and fire departments all over the nation so why should lifeguards be exempt. We will take the traditional lifeguard training which is roughly 24 – 32 hours and take it up to 72 hours and then add additional hours by incorporating the Emergency Medical Responder curriculum into the program. The academy will be very heavy on situational training which allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of their abilities. Unlike others, this will be a pass/fail academy with an option to take academy for a second time.

We have begun the task of recruiting career lifeguards who will act as drill instructors. We are hoping to attract those who have had military training to add that edge to the academy. Again, there will be no other academy like it in the region and in the nation. Our goal is to get major corporations that believe in the empowerment of youth/young adults and to help sponsor the academy.

The Golden State Lifeguards website will be updated as soon as the final arrangements are being made.

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