Lifeguard Recruitment Extremely Challenging

Golden State Lifeguards faces a Goliath every year that seems to grow with each season in Southern California to our dismay. This Goliath is called lifeguard employment and the difficulty in this process only continues to get worse which as a whole is not a good sign for the industry.

Since our founding in 2006, we have witnessed a steady decline in the quality and caliber of recruits which has made staffing a bit difficult to say the least. There used to be a day when recruits took the time to play by the rules and there was a time when people wanted to work. With an increased sense of entitlement among the 20 somethings nurtured by a failed system, many candidates are sent packing in search of whatever it is they seek to find. As we say, a “dime a dozen”.

As a professional lifeguard provider, we have put a hiring system in place to ensure that the most mature and experienced lifeguards make it through the cuts however the problem is that many are simply too lax to follow through with initial requests or do not read the entire process requirements which is a red flag. For example, all candidates are required to submit a resume with relevant verifiable experience, 3 references for initial background check and a paragraph on why they would make a good team member here at Golden State Lifeguards. Many will submit resumes but will not submit other items requested. It seems that our request is simply too much for them. Many just do not realize their candidacy is based on the criteria and requirements we place in front of them.

We ask that candidates read the application requirements carefully and follow instructions. This is how we pre-qualify candidates to see if they can follow directions and are attentive to details which is part of the job of lifeguard. When a lifeguard is watching a pool full of active swimmers, attention to detail is a huge part of the job that requires sharp senses. If a candidate can’t follow instructions, that is certainly cause for concern.

We also ask candidates to submit a paragraph or two on why we should consider hiring them for the team. Since report writing is a huge part of what we do, we want to see how candidates use their grammar skills. Many times we have disqualified candidates based on poor spelling, poor grammar or lack of command for the English language.

We must admit that at times some have slipped through the cracks and during the interview have demanded certain pay and conditions. Hmm? We thought it was the other way around.

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