Lifeguard/Medics, Not Just For Pool Parties!

In response to our aggressive marketing and public relations initiatives, many event professionals are realizing that lifeguard/medics are not just for pool parties. In fact lifeguard/medics can be utilized in other ways during the off season here in Southern California. Well, let’s face it…pool season is year round in Southern California!!

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Many event planners and event promoters in Southern California host events centered around pools on a year round basis. Many productions film around pools, lakes, rivers and even at the beach. There is no shortage of events in or around water. For this reason, we have been actively engaged in public relations to ensure that planners/promoters understand that although they are not throwing an actual pool party, lifeguard/medics are an essential key to safety.

In once such instance, we were contracted to provide a standby lifeguard at an event in Ojai, CA where swimming was not part of the event. In fact it was a corporate event that was centered around a pool. During the course of the event, a young man not aware of where the edge of the pool was due to the low lighting and actually fell into the pool fully clothed as he was walking from one side to the other. This could have been a messy situation had this man not known how to swim and did not panic once hitting the water. The lifeguard on duty was extremely quick to respond and assisted the man out of the water.

October 30th, 2016 – A lifeguard was assigned to an event around a pool, no swimming, while it was raining! That is what we are all about! Rain or shine, safety is priority #1!

When event professionals throw events near pools especially when alcohol is being served, a standby lifeguard/medic should be nearby on the deck should something occur. Many seem to think that a lifeguard/medic is only used for pool parties but think of this…what if a guest should suffer cardiac arrest, what then. There is no guarantee that anyone will know how to perform CPR until paramedics arrive on scene. Every minute counts in that particular scenario. What if a guest is severely intoxicated? A trained lifeguard/medic can intervene until law enforcement arrives on scene. There are so many different scenarios that could play out that makes the case for a lifeguard/medic. What will you choose, profit over safety?

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Fortunately many event professionals are beginning to realize that having a lifeguard/medic at their events just plain makes sense and further solidifies a sense of security. The cost of not having safety personnel could be much higher if someone should fall into a pool or if someone dies because no one rendered aid. These days, lawyers are looking for anyone they can crucify based on their clients wishes or even their families. Better to be safe than sorry. No one should lose their business as an event professional because safety was not considered!

We are encouraging event professionals to hire a standby lifeguard/medic even if no one is swimming. Our staff are dually certified lifeguard/EMT’s and lifeguard/paramedics who operate at a higher level of training/readiness rather than basic lifeguards with only first aid training. Many of our staff are career first responders with real world experience.

If you are throwing an event near a pool, please contact us for rates. We will be ore tan happy to assist with safety measures for a successful event!


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