Live Mermaids – An Evolution!

Golden State Lifeguards is proud to announce a partnership with the Iridescence Mermaid Troupe – a live mermaid experience. As we expand, we are carefully looking for unique solutions to offer our loyal clients and new clients as well. We have found the only live mermaid troupe that is truly dynamic and in a league of their own. In this new partnership, we not only offer great entertainment for aquatics events but together we work towards overall safety of children at pool parties. The mermaids act as a second set of eyes in the water!

In our search, we were looking high and low when we came across a live mermaid at a pool party we were contracted for. Absolutely blown away by what we saw, we decided to approach the President/CEO of the troupe, Chantel Durelli and we discovered that not only are there live mermaids but she has a cirque show that can be booked to include fire dancing, contortionists and even aerialists to name a few. We soon discovered that they are regularly used on productions due to their unique skill sets as mermaids.

Golden State Lifeguards wants to be known as a one-stop source for aquatics events to include lifeguards and entertainment resources for those looking for something unique and different! As is no one can rival our professionalism and our customer service. No one!


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