Swimming Lessons


Golden State Lifeguards has always been about drowning prevention since its founding in 2006. Drowning is 100% preventable and don’t be fooled by those who say otherwise. We love kids and we are committed to ensuring they are safe in the water no matter what. From the beach to the pool, we got them covered!

It is a fact that drowning prevention starts with swimming lessons. It is best to get young children enrolled into swim lessons and to keep them in swim lessons until they can demonstrate the skills necessary to survive in the water. What they learn at a young age will stay with them for a lifetime.

One of the most important things to remember is that there are many layers to drowning prevention with swimming lessons being one of the most important layers. If you want to learn about the other layers, CLICK HERE to visit our drowning prevention page. Every parent needs to know how to keep their children safe around pools or bodies of water.

Our instructors understand what it takes to get kids watersafe and it does not happen overnight. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks for children to start grasping what they are learning. Being watersafe is not knowing just how to dog paddle! There is a method to teaching kids how to swim and helping them to retain what they have learned.

*Watersafe does not mean kids will not drown but is a layer in the overall drowning prevention plan.

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