Recreational Marijuana & Employment

As of 11/8/2016, California voters let their voice be heard on proposition 64 which now allows anyone over age 21 to possess and use marijuana on a recreational basis. In response to the narrow victory, we are now making adjustments to our employment & recruitment protocols that may not be well received by some applicants. The changes we are implementing will ensure that we continue to offer the best lifeguards in Southern California. In essence, we are putting potential candidates on notice that if you smoke up, you will not be considered for employment.



Effective immediately, all candidates will be required to submit to mandatory pre-employment drug testing and this will include hair follicle testing to identify any residual THC in the bloodstream. We will not recognize any medical card as an excuse to partake of marijuana. The issuance of medical cards is riddled with fraud.

We are now going to initiate random drug testing of all employees during the course of employment. No exceptions!

For 10 years we have delivered the most professional and experienced lifeguards to the Southern California events and motion picture industry. We will continue to do so! We will continue to raise the bar where others lower the bar!

Proposition 64 could potentially impact the pre-hospital care industry and force employers to take a hard look at how they are going to deal with such widespread use of recreational marijuana. Fortunately, employment laws are on the side of employers giving applicants no say in the matter.

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