Independent Drowning Investigation

Golden State Lifeguards is now offering independent drowning investigations that are designed to look at all details surrounding an incident (non-fatal or fatal) in the presence of a lifeguard in San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Simi Valley and Los Angeles.

The purpose of the investigative unit is to determine how a drowning occurred especially if a lifeguard was present at a pool party, a hotel or other type of venue. In many cases, a drowning investigation is conducted from a professional lifeguard’s point of view and in many instances can be as thorough as a law enforcement investigation.

Many drownings are unfortunate and in many cases can be attributed to a lifeguard who was distracted or did not perform his/her job according to national training guidelines. Other times drownings are the result of no supervision, no pool fences, etc.

We have seen it coming and many agencies are now pursuing criminal negligence cases against lifeguards. Lifeguards not performing their job as trained is becoming more commonplace which is is why this investigative unit was formed. We are committed to assisting law enforcement agencies and attorneys by offering a different point of view that can be used to fill gaps or to see the bigger picture.

  • Was a lifeguard present?
  • Was the lifeguard’s training up to date?
  • Where did the lifeguard receive his/her training?
  • Was the lifeguard under 18 years of age?
  • Was there adult supervision?
  • Was there a pool fence?

The above are just a small sample of questions we ask when investigating a drowning case. We have to be as thorough as possible to ensure all facts are accurate for all parties involved.

If you need to schedule an investigator, please call 747-444-1035 or email us at



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