Recruiting Services

Golden State Lifeguards Recruiting Division can assist aquatic facilities, casinos and resorts in hiring the most qualified and professional staff for direct hire on a year-round or seasonal basis.

We specialize in building leadership teams and providing seasonal direct hire staff to facilities across the United States. We operate from offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. We are considered a truly boutique company that delivers the highest quality and detailed services in the nation when it comes to recruiting.

We work with each client on a personal level and strive to understand the needs of each client. Our experience as Southern California’s premier private lifeguard provider ensures that we know what we are looking for and what we expect of candidates. This experience benefits our clients.

We are always seeking to have available and pre-screened personnel to fulfill the needs of aquatic facilities, casinos and resorts. Our team searches high and low to find the most qualified personnel leaving no stone unturned.


  1. Initial inquiry from aquatic facility, casino or resort. In this initial phase we gather all pertinent information to understand the needs of our clients.
  2. Retainer fee sets in motion the detailed searches and screening for most qualified and professional staff.
  3. Delivery of candidates for interviews by human resources dept.
  4. Direct hire by facility, final invoice sent.


Our search fees range between 25% to 33% of annual salary of candidates hired. Our fees cover extensive search and background screening of candidates as well as administrative costs.

We have a three phase invoice/billing structure that can be discussed during initial consultation.


If you need assistance in hiring/recruiting for your facility, please call our offices at 747-444-1035

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