Southern California El Nino Preparedness Guide, Part 2

Golden State Lifeguards and other Southern California agencies are warning residents that now is the time to start getting prepared for the coming El Nino rains because it could be catastrophic. Compared to the 1997-1998 El Nino event, this one is being described as one that will dwarf previous ones that have hit Southern California. All the conditions are ripe at this point but for El Niño to work, the Pacific Ocean needs to warm up west of Peru. That can only happen in earnest if the normal direction of winds along the equator — east to west — changes. The normal direction of the winds heats up the western Pacific. A collapse of those winds allows warm waters to surge to the Americas, where they need to be for El Niño to strengthen.

What concerns us is that predictions are stating that this El Nino could bring as much as 35 inches of rain during the upcoming winter season. Sound far fetched? Not at all considering that in the last few weeks we have witnessed small storms that have produced up to an inch of rain in just an hour causing street flooding, flash floods and mudslides. The last round of small storms caught drivers in flash floods and cost the life of a driver in Antelope Valley when he was caught in a mud flow.

What can we expect from this El Nino in Southern California? Southern Californians should expect street flooding, flash flooding, mudslides, rockslides, high surf and possibly more.

It is estimated that we could see up to 200 percent of average rainfall according to local experts. They say we should expect an extremely wet season in Southern California. In fact what we have witnessed in terms of mudslides and flooding that closed interstate 5 and highway 58 is definitely a preview of what is on the way.

Of special concern are the burn areas which will be susceptible to severe mudslides and rockslides. Another concern is that the foothills and mountains will not be able to hold any water due to the extreme drought conditions we have endured for so long.

The El Nino preparedness message is finally and definitely going viral as many Southern Californians are very worried based on the amount of phone calls we receive and since publishing part 1 of our El Nino Preparedness Guide have seen over a 1000 hits per day on our website. If you have not read part 1, you may read it here. Golden State Lifeguards is preparing a full series of preparedness information to be released in the days ahead.

The message we are getting out there is that there is still adequate time to prepare for the coming El Nino Rains. No one will be immune especially foothill and beach communities. There is no time to waste! Unlike an earthquake which has no warning, Southern Californians are getting much notice to prepare.

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