Southern California Film Set Safety – Set Medics & Lifeguards

For 11 years Golden State Lifeguards has been providing set medics and lifeguard/medics to the Southern California film industry. Until recently, we have noticed our competitors attempting to break into the world of film set safety which is no surprise to us. What they fail to see or to realize is that just like the Bar Mitzvah circle, it is hard to get in unless to you happen to get lucky. Well that was certainly the case for us back in 2006 when we were approached by the folks at “The Biggest Loser” who had asked us to come aboard for some of their water challenges. Knowing this was a great opportunity, we jumped right on board immediately not knowing how that would catapult us to be the preferred provider of lifeguards and set medics in the industry.

Another important fact that our local competitors must realize is that a pool lifeguard certainly is not qualified to work a beach/ocean project as the training it quite different for each. This is a point that has secured most of our production jobs as production managers are becoming more educated on the differences. There major differences between what we offer and what they offer.

From our humble beginnings to where we are now has been a journey to say the least. Since the beginning we have gone on to become recognized as being specialists in film set stunt safety and we are a preferred source for many top stunt performers and coordinators. No small feat considering high demands are placed on expertise and professionalism. Not many service providers can offer set medics and lifeguards under one roof.

Our lifeguard/medics are required to attend in-service training in film set safety to ensure that all protocols are followed and adhered to. So when it comes to film set water safety specifically, we are untouchable! Over the years we have added to our arsenal. We offer EMT’s, Paramedics, Firefighters, Lifeguard/Medics, Rescue Divers, Nurse and Medical Doctors. Recently we have added telemedicine to the mix.

We have been fortunate to have worked with stunt greats such as Lane Leavitt, Debbie Evans and even TJ White of T-Minus Productions. Our reputation grew rapidly after working on “Amanda’s Fantasy Lives” in which she came to the U.S. to learn how to be a stunt performer. We were able to work with the best of the best and quickly earned the respect of those we worked with! (Sophia Crawford & Jeff Pruitt)

From “The Biggest Loser” we have gone on to work many of the top reality productions such as “Fight Science”, “Joe Schmoe – The Full Bounty”, “Outrageous 911″, and even “Thintervention” just to name a few. Our list of credits is lengthy and illustrates how in demand we are.






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