Spring Breakers & Wildlife Abuse On Social Media!

Without fail and every year at this time we receive reports of what we can only describe as very stupid spring breakers from all over the nation committing acts of wildlife abuse. These acts of wildlife abuse are being committed in the name of trying to look cool but in reality makes the perpetrators look like downright morons! Do we have your attention?

This year starting with this blog, we have every intention of exposing individuals who commit acts of cruelty by posting pictures submitted to us and exposing names. We will also notify law enforcement agencies in such matters as to ensure speedy prosecution against those who inflict harm or death upon sea wildlife. The message is pretty clear, “Do the crime, Do the time!”

There are many college blogs and many Instagram accounts illustrating abuse to sea wildlife which is both sickening and cruel. There is absolutely no excuse for such cruelty!  Unfortunately there are many spring breakers who just don’t give thought to their actions and asking the question whether their stupidity will harm or kill sea wildlife in their drunken state. The tragedy is that in many photos, bystanders were enjoying the cruelty and doing nothing to intervene which makes them just as guilty.

As you will notice in the above photo on the left, the spring breaker is pouring beer onto the starfish and drinking the beer as it pours down its leg. We don’t think the starfish had a choice to be subjected to that. The photo on the right shows a shark that was pulled in from the shore and then used to open a beer can. In the process the shark subsequently perished because of the stupidity of those two in the photo. Those are just two examples.

In other photos we have received, we observed a spring breaker parading a seagull around a house party while the bird was in obvious distress in his grasp. Again, no one intervened to assist the bird but instead laughed and enjoyed the moment.

On a more dangerous level, we have heard of spring breakers “shot-gunning” small jellyfish or eating live (small) crabs which ultimately sends them to the local ER.

While these acts of stupidity may be entertaining to some, is no laughing matter for the sea wildlife being harmed or killed in the process. We would like to point out that the social media accounts such as TFM and others are just as responsible in the acts of cruelty by simply allowing to be aired on their channels.


The jelly fish shotgun.

A post shared by 🏖TFM SPRING BREAK CONTEST ’17🏝 (@tfmspringbreak) on

The shark shotgun. A post shared by 🏖TFM SPRING BREAK CONTEST ’17🏝 (@tfmspringbreak) on

If you observe any type of sea wildlife abuse or cruelty, you may report it to us for follow up, info@goldenstatelifeguards. If you know who you are reporting, please be as detailed as possible so we can report to local authorities where crime is being committed.



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