Dangerous Storm Moving into Southern California


As we are preparing this blog, a dangerous storm is making its forward march into the Southern California region with as much as 2 – 10 inches of rain expected. This is a storm unlike anything we have seen since 2010 and some say as far back as 1997. There … Continue reading

Southern California Flash Flooding & Drowning Risks

With seasonal rains approaching, concerns are mounting in regards to flooding (flash floods & risk of flooding after wildfires) and possible drownings in the Southern California region with good reason. Concerns have been validated after seeing floods occur after scattered showers in various parts of Southern California over the past … Continue reading

Time To Prepare For El Nino, While You Can!

El Nino Flooding

Everyone is asking when the rains will start pummeling Southern California. Well, here is the latest on projections and we urge anyone reading this to begin preparing now for the coming onslaught of storms that will surely make life very difficult for many! Those at highest risk are those who … Continue reading

What is an El Nino and how Should you Prepare?

El Nino

El Nino Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, is a tropical weather pattern that occurs roughly once every three to seven years. An ENSO weather pattern is characterized by the above average warming of the surface temperature of the waters in the eastern portion Pacific Ocean. This warming pattern results in extreme … Continue reading