Lifeguards & EMS Must Come Together As One

Propak_Trauma-Oxygen Deployment Kit_2

Our staff of lifeguard/EMT’s and lifeguard/paramedics understand that as service providers, me must be able to work with other agencies in the event of an emergency such as fire department personnel, law enforcement personnel and of course ambulance personnel on scene. Most of our jobs occur in Los Angeles and… Continue reading

Lifeguard Training, Hit or Miss!


This is that time of year when many teens and college students start thinking about Spring/Summer and for some of them, becoming lifeguards to make some cash this summer. This is also that time of year when many lifeguard companies and training centers start marketing lifeguard training classes or lifeguard… Continue reading

California Lifeguard Training Regulation (SB 116028)


Recently we have been following the stories concerning the National Aquatic Safety Company (NASCO) based in Texas with much interest and as a result has ignited our resolve to see lifeguard training regulations see the light of day in the state of California. It is our position that regulations are… Continue reading