Earthquake Preparedness – Part 1


During the past few weeks Southern California experienced earthquake swarms near the southern portion of the San Andreas Fault near the Salton Sea. These swarms prompted officials to issue earthquake warnings which only served to frighten people needlessly. Let’s face it, we live in earthquake country and at any … Continue reading

Preparing For El Nino On the L.A. River

Flooded L.A. River

The following is a story worth reposting in regards to El Nino and the expected flooding of storm control channels and rivers. This story was written by Lucy Guanuna of KCET and we must say that this was a well written piece. If anything, the message is pretty clear that … Continue reading

Southern California El Nino Preparedness Guide, Part 3

El Nino Preparedness

EL NINO PREPAREDNESS, DON’T BE A VICTIM!     Being prepared for the coming El Nino rains means having the right supplies and tools to deal with potential problems and many people have asked what they should have in their homes, cars or at work. We realize that there is … Continue reading

Southern California El Nino Preparedness Guide, Part 2

El Nino

Golden State Lifeguards and other Southern California agencies are warning residents that now is the time to start getting prepared for the coming El Nino rains because it could be catastrophic. Compared to the 1997-1998 El Nino event, this one is being described as one that will dwarf previous ones … Continue reading

Southern California El Nino Preparedness Guide, Part 1

El Nino Storm Warning

EL NINO PREPAREDNESS IS KEY TO SURVIVAL! **UPDATE – Due to the overwhelming response to this guide, we can come out and speak to your homeowners group, business or school. Let’s get prepared together! 747-444-1035   CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE VERSION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EL NINO PREPAREDNESS GUIDE   Golden … Continue reading

Heat Wave Preparedness For Southern California

Heat Wave

It seems that every summer heat records are being broken in various parts of Southern California and Fall 2015 has proven that heat waves are here to stay. It is our observation that with the El Nino on our doorstep, Southern California has been experiencing much more brutal and dangerous … Continue reading

What is an El Nino and how Should you Prepare?

El Nino

El Nino Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, is a tropical weather pattern that occurs roughly once every three to seven years. An ENSO weather pattern is characterized by the above average warming of the surface temperature of the waters in the eastern portion Pacific Ocean. This warming pattern results in extreme … Continue reading