El Nino Has Arrived!


Since October 2015 we have been sounding the alarm in regards to El Nino and now it appears that it will finally materialize in the Southern California region with the arrival of a series of four different storm fronts expected to dump a great deal of rain. The first of … Continue reading

Southern California El Nino Preparedness Guide, Part 3

El Nino Preparedness

EL NINO PREPAREDNESS, DON’T BE A VICTIM!     Being prepared for the coming El Nino rains means having the right supplies and tools to deal with potential problems and many people have asked what they should have in their homes, cars or at work. We realize that there is … Continue reading

Time To Prepare For El Nino, While You Can!

El Nino Flooding

Everyone is asking when the rains will start pummeling Southern California. Well, here is the latest on projections and we urge anyone reading this to begin preparing now for the coming onslaught of storms that will surely make life very difficult for many! Those at highest risk are those who … Continue reading