The Beach Club, Santa Monica, CA

In our quest to expand and to grow as a company, Golden State Lifeguards is now proud to officially announce a new client that has contracted our Beach/Surf Rescue division for their beach. As of June 2015, The Beach Club located in Santa Monica has contracted Golden State Lifeguards for the summer of 2015 and will be contracting the services of Golden State Lifeguards for years to come.

This is the first year that The Beach Club has outsourced for private beach/rescue services. In years past the club has hired lifeguards which has been a very frustrating endeavor to say the least.  This year is different and we are proud to become a part of The Beach Club family!

This year will be significantly different in that all lifeguards will be trained in open water lifeguarding as opposed to pool lifeguards watching the beach. This has been a problem in the past and presents a challenge in terms of how a pool lifeguard would respond to an ocean rescue. You just can’t put a pool lifeguard on the job of a beach lifeguard as each is an animal of its own. One has greater responsibilities than the other and the demands of the job are much different!

Unlike years past, as a contractor we will be submitting a memorandum of understanding to Los Angeles County Lifeguards in an effort to establish boundaries and to establish a relationship in times where mutual aid may be necessary. Our philosophy is that we are not in the business to step on toes but to aid other municipal agencies to keep people safe on the beach! That’s it!

This year will be the best year for The Beach Club and Golden State Lifeguards will be on the beach to ensure safety of all guests and members!


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