The Dangers of Inflatable Slides

Every year without failure, we find that many pool party hosts, event planners and others will rent a poolside inflatable slide which comes in many sizes from small to large. While renting an inflatable slide seems innocent enough, there are dangers associated with these slides and we would like to bring awareness to the many things that could go very wrong.


We have to be honest and say that we cringe when we see an inflatable slide similar to the one pictured above and we are definitely not fans of the inflatable slide. We have seen injuries and have heard stories from others that validates our fear of these slides and so should you as a parent. If you arrive at a pool party and see a slide, please be very wary of the possibility of injury or worse. Although not as common anymore, but even the old fixed slides can be dangerous as well.

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While these slides may be more suitable for older kids and teenagers, our biggest worry comes from the younger kids who do not have the skills to negotiate the slide or to decide when the water is clear of any swimmers at the bottom of the slide.

One of our biggest concerns with the slide is the possibility of head or spinal injuries. You may be asking yourself how that could happen? The number one cause of injury is when a child not knowing there may be another swimmer in the water proceeds to go down the slide and landing on top of the swimmer in the water. Another cause is when a child decides to follow another down the slide before the previous child has cleared out of the way. The force of that impact could easily cause a severe spinal injury or head injury which if not caught could lead to a fatal drowning. Many kids have been lucky however although not reported often enough by the media, this does happen. Many kids come out battered and bruised.

Many smaller children may not have the skills to properly slide down only to tumble down. In this process the neck could be manipulated in such a way to cause a spinal injury. We have also seen children tumble down only to become disoriented as they hit the water which leads to panic. How many assists have we made as a result of this, many!

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If you attend a party where there is no lifeguard, be proactive and either keep your child off the slide or monitor the slide like a hawk. We will always advise anyone with a pool slide to have a lifeguard or two on the deck to spot trouble or to assist in an injury situation.

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