From time to time we receive emails or phone calls from event planners or production companies with one particular request that always and without hesitation elicits an angry response of our senior staff. This one request is our biggest pet peeve, that irks us to the core!

On many occasions we get a specific request to provide lifeguards, male or female who are good looking, sexy or basically models with no regards to their qualifications as professional rescuers. Our response has and always will be to respond by saying that Golden State Lifeguards is not a modeling agency or a casting agency. We will always say that if that is what they are seeking, than perhaps calling Central Casting in Burbank, CA would be their best option for an actor.



We provide real lifeguards who are trained to save lives and to enforce safety measures in the aquatics setting such as pools, the beach and film sets (water based). We are not there to look good and pretty, PERIOD! Everyone of our lifeguards takes the job of lifeguarding seriously and for many of them it has become a lifestyle. Event planners and production companies need to understand that.

Each of our lifeguards commits to in-service training and are always updating their skills to be able to function as professional rescuers. This amounts to a great deal of money and time. This is what separates us from actors and models pretending to pose as lifeguards.

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