Unsupervised Pool Parties Can Spell Disaster

Summer 2015 is fast approaching which means many people are planning pool parties for their kids and friends. Many kids are already thinking about summer and the fun they are going to have during break from school. For many, swimming is a huge part of their lives and often swimming with friends creates lifelong memories.

Planning a pool party can be quite a task for some and during the process many things go untouched such as who does one call for pool supervision. Private lifeguards are usually the last thing that party planners think of but instead many will opt to have their nannies or even a family friend watch the pool during a party. This may seem very attractive to those who seek to save money but is the risk of having an untrained individual watch the pool worth what could be a tragic outcome should something happen?

This is something we see a lot of and this is something that concerns us deeply. Our position is that no host should ever rely on an untrained nanny or family friend to act as a lifeguard. The question that must be asked is will the friend or nanny accept full financial and legal responsibility if something should happen on their watch? We can’t stress enough how crucial it is for a party host to consider hiring qualified, experienced and professional lifeguards for their event. Lifeguards are trained to spot trouble and to act accordingly as per American Red Cross or Starguard guidelines. Lifeguards are the best defense against a tragedy!

We are positive that someone reading this post is familiar with the drowning incident that took place at the Tommy Lee pool party. In short, a child died because of poor pool supervision. This was a needless death that did not have to happen but because nannies were left to watch the pool, the result was heartbreaking.

That was not the first drowning and it will certainly not be the last drowning involving poor supervision.

We are encouraging party host and planners to hire lifeguards for their pool parties. One never knows what may happen!

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