We Are Not A Modeling Agency, PERIOD!

As a result of numerous event promoters and individuals we are forced to write this blog post regarding a subject that happens to be one of our biggest pet peeves. Last year we wrote a similar post addressing the fact that from time to time, we are asked to submit photos of our female lifeguards for an event. Well, this year it seems that looks trump (no pun intended) experience and professionalism. In fact we feel as if it is a slap in the face to be asked if our female lifeguards are “hot enough” to work an event. What they forget is that they reached out to us and we of course have the option to tell them to take a flying leap.

Hot LifeguardThere is a difference between a model and a real professional lifeguard!



Here is the original blog we posted last year:


We received an inquiry for lifeguards on 6/23/16 and the email that set us off  included the following: (Identity of Person submitting has been protected) (Our notes are in red for illustration purposes)

Name: ***** ******


Event/Production Address: Glendale, CA
(No physical address was submitted)

Phone Number: *** *** ****

Email: **********************
(Not a business email)

Date of Event: 7/10/16

Start/End Time: 1pm
(No end time)

Event Type: Children’s Pool Party, Adult Pool Party
(Which is it, adult pool party or children’s pool party?)

Alcohol Served?: Yes

Event Details: My client is looking for young female lifeguards for their annual birthday pool party! Is there a way you can send me pictures to show them?
(Why are pictures necessary?)

Time: June 23, 2016 at 8:05 am
IP Address: *****************
Contact Form URL: http://www.goldenstatelifeguards.com/contact-us-2/booking-form/
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.



We promptly responded with the following:

“With all due respect if what you seek are models, we will not oblige. We are a fully operational and professional provider of pool and ocean/beach lifeguards with ten years of experience. Many of our staff work for LA County, LA City and other departments as lifeguards, firefighters and medics.

We do have female lifeguards however we will not provide pictures of them. If you want the most professional lifeguards on the deck, we will be more than happy to assist you. We hope that looks do not take precedence over professionalism and experience.

We do apologize but if you wish to speak to our Chief of Lifeguard/EMS Operations, you may call and speak with Ed Castillo at 747-444-1035.

Thank you!”


As of this post, we have yet to receive a reply which indicates to us they could care less about having professional lifeguards on the deck but would rather have eye candy instead. We are positive they will go with another company as the others do not have the high standards we place on privacy & professionalism. In fact we are sure that others will be more than happy to respond with photos in a bid to make a profit.

We understand that event promoters throwing an adult pool party want the hottest people to attend however they can’t allow looks alone to dictate who gets the job. Our position is that they as well as the companies that engage in this type of practice will soon learn that the consequences can be quite burdensome legally and financially speaking.

On the flip side, we do not know who sent the inquiry to us as the email is not a business email and the information is rather vague. We don’t know if this individual is a sexual predator seeking to collect pictures for their pleasure. We just don’t know which is why we never send photos of our female lifeguards to anyone. We will do whatever it takes to protect the privacy of our female lifeguards using whatever means necessary.


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