Earthquake Preparedness – Part 1


During the past few weeks Southern California experienced earthquake swarms near the southern portion of the San Andreas Fault near the Salton Sea. These swarms prompted officials to issue earthquake warnings which only served to frighten people needlessly. Let’s face it, we live in earthquake country and at any … Continue reading

Criminal Negligence – The Coming Storm


We follow many stories regarding drownings but this story occurred in our own backyard of Southern California. This recent story (June & July 2016) really is the one that has set us off and in ways unimaginable which will catapult us into an even more proactive position when it comes … Continue reading

Law Enforcement – Standard Operating Procedures Under Fire


Under normal circumstances we would never dream of commenting or writing about law enforcement procedures however we can’t be silent any longer. We feel that we must weigh in on a subject that needs to be talked about seriously if change is going to happen. We want our readers to … Continue reading

Golden State Lifeguards Foundation 2017


After ten years of faithful service to Southern California, Golden State Lifeguards is starting a new chapter in the evolution of the company. It was decided that the company founder, Chief Ed Castillo would start a new non-profit (Golden State Lifeguards Foundation) based on a call to provide free swimming … Continue reading