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Golden State Lifeguards, established in 2006 has been a premier provider of privately contracted pool and ocean lifeguards in the Southern California region with much success. We have become a leader in the events industry having worked for many of the top event planners in the business as well as working some of the most dynamic productions in film/TV. Additionally within the last 7 years, the company has become known for its ocean lifeguard division which has steadily gained traction year after year.

The company was founded based on extensive market research in 2006 which revealed that at the time there was no real provider of private lifeguard contractors in the Southern California region being utilized to prevent aquatic injuries and drownings. It was decided that as a company, the focus would be on children, ensuring their well-being and safety at pool parties.

Since its founding, the company has been the most requested provider of lifeguards among a field of many! Our lifeguards are being requested and booked a year in advance!

The company is also known for its proactive role in drowning prevention through educational seminars and working with homeowners in securing their pools to prevent needless drownings.

The company and its command staff work closely with other municipal agencies and have a established credibility with agencies such as Los Angeles County Lifeguards, Los Angeles City Fire Department, LAPD, VCSO and even Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.

NEW FOR 2023!

We are on the move in 2023! We will be seeking accreditation from United States Lifeguard Association (USLA) to be recognized as a certified ocean lifeguard agency. We will conducting our own in-house ocean lifeguard academy to ensure skills proficiency across the board.

We have also initiated an aggressive recruiting campaign to hire pool lifeguards as we have reached the end of the pandemic emergency. Feedback across the board indicates that business volume will return to pre-pandemic levels in 2023 and increase substantially. We are making a shift from hiring younger lifeguards to more mature and older lifeguards between the age of 35 to 45 years old. All Lifeguard candidates can visit our employment page to fill out an online application.

Golden State Lifeguards will be expanding to the Las Vegas region where it will provide pool party lifeguards for residential clients and offer EMR classes to lifeguards, CERT members and others who desire advanced first aid training.



We support Firefighters4Freedom!
We are Anti-Mandate!


Our Staff:



Lifeguard/EMS Chief Ed Castillo

Ocean Lifeguard Garrett Borggrebe

Ocean Lifeguard Craig Rond

Ocean Lifeguard Lexi Rond

Ocean Lifeguard Dave Bleiberg



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