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Los Angeles, CA – March 7, 2024 – Golden State Lifeguards proudly announces its 18th year of excellence in pool party safety provision, solidifying its status as the most sought-after lifeguard provider in the region. With a sterling reputation for safeguarding the lives of VIPs, celebrities, and everyday patrons alike, Golden State Lifeguards has become synonymous with unparalleled vigilance and professionalism.

Throughout its illustrious tenure, Golden State Lifeguards has remained steadfast in its commitment to proactive surveillance, effectively preventing numerous drownings and ensuring the safety and enjoyment of countless pool party attendees. With a team of highly trained and certified lifeguards, equipped with state-of-the-art safety protocols and equipment, Golden State Lifeguards sets the standard for aquatic safety services in Los Angeles.

“Our dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to safety have earned us the trust of clients ranging from high-profile celebrities to local residents,” said Lifeguard Chief Castillo, CEO of Golden State Lifeguards. “We take great pride in our ability to prevent accidents before they happen, providing peace of mind to event hosts and attendees alike.”

One of the distinguishing features of Golden State Lifeguards is its competitive pricing structure, offering the lowest rates compared to any competitor in the market. This commitment to affordability ensures that quality lifeguard services are accessible to a wide range of clients, regardless of budget constraints.

As the pool party season approaches, Golden State Lifeguards stands ready to meet the increasing demand for top-tier safety solutions. Whether it’s a private gathering or a high-profile event, clients can trust Golden State Lifeguards to deliver unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and peace of mind.

For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact:

Ed Castillo
Lifeguard/EMS Chief
Golden State Lifeguards

About Golden State Lifeguards:

Golden State Lifeguards is a leading provider of lifeguard services in the Los Angeles area, specializing in pool party safety for over 18 years. With a team of highly trained and certified lifeguards, Golden State Lifeguards ensures the safety and enjoyment of patrons at events of all sizes, from private gatherings to high-profile celebrity parties. With a reputation for excellence and affordability, Golden State Lifeguards is the premier choice for pool party safety in Los Angeles.




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