It all started in 2006 with one person and a strong vision as well as months of market research!

It was summer of 2005 when the founder of Golden State Lifeguards decided to entertain the idea of forming a company that could provide professional services to the Los Angeles region after doing initial research only to discover that there really was no quality provider. Of the few that were providing care, it was soon realized after months of secret shopping and market research that the quality of services was not something that the founder was ready to accept. The service that was being provided was sub-par and many of the lifeguards were young kids with little to no training or experience.

Knowing that the bar could be raised, he decided to use his experience based on a long career in EMS and lifeguarding to create a true professional company that could deliver the best in service utilizing real lifeguard/medics. These would not be just any lifeguard/medics but those who work with municipal agencies such as Los Angeles City, Los Angeles County and even Huntington/Newport Lifeguards.

In February 2006, Golden State Lifeguards became a reality!

Over the past 11 years, Golden State Lifeguards has become the preferred choice for pool party lifeguards and production set water safety. The company continues to grow year after year and now serves the entire Southern California region including the Las Vegas Metro region. The company is on the front lines of drowning prevention & awareness and has recently partnered with PoolSafely.gov to help educate many on how to prevent drownings.

The company has the most strict employment guidelines in an industry which is unregulated and has become a much sought after company to work for however only 9% of candidates ever make it in the door.

In 2016, Golden State Lifeguards entered into a strategic partnership with Ventura County Event Medical Standby (www.sidelinemedics.com) to create what is now the largest company providing emergency medical services across of wide spectrum of areas.


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