The #MeToo Movement & Lifeguards

Blog written by Lifeguard Chief Ed Castillo; There is no doubt that the Los Angeles born #MeToo movement is having a huge impact all across the nation as evidenced by the recent rise of sexual harassment/assault claims being made by women. The local and national news is dominated by such… Continue reading

Golden State Lifeguards To Acquire 2019 Ford Ranger

UPDATE!! 12/8/2018 Golden State Lifeguards has officially decided to acquire a Chevy Colorado for its lifeguard patrol. We were originally set to deal with Galpin Ford, the largest high volume dealer on the west coast however due to their unwillingness and unresponsiveness, the decision was made to go a different… Continue reading


  Recently and once again there has been another news story making its rounds across all social media platforms scaring the wits out of moms all across America that needs to be stopped dead in its tracks immediately. As you know, “dry” or “secondary” drowning are hot topics thanks to… Continue reading