Golden State Lifeguards offers a multitude of training classes aimed at empowering community members to professional lifeguards. Our goal is to present classes that will ultimately allow anyone to save lives or to advance their professional knowledge.

Below you will find a link to the many classes we offer. Some classes might not be offered at this time however always check back regularly to see if your class is available.



  • Water Watcher
    The water watcher class teaches adults 18 years or older how to safeguard children at pool parties when a lifeguard is not present. Some of the skills taught are:
    – Identifying signs of drowning or distress
    – Surveillance skills
    – What do to if a child is drowning or in distress
    – Proactive steps to take before swimming starts
    – & more
  • Pool Safety For Homeowners
    This class teaches homeowners with backyard pools what they can do to safeguard their pool area and how to prevent drownings.
  • CPR & First Aid
    Every homeowner and family members should learn and know CPR especially if there is a pool. This is a skill that has saved countless lives.
  • Hands Only CPR
  • First Aid (basic)
  • Bleeding Control


  • Scenario/Readiness Training
    Many lifeguards get certified with an initial course however many lifeguards do not practice what they have learned. Many lifeguards work for companies or agencies that do not offer in-service training which is why we have developed this class. This class is designed to challenge lifeguard and to spur their critical thinking skills when it comes to emergencies that may arise on the job.
  • Advanced Spinal Immobilization Training
  • Rescue Board Training (Ocean Lifeguards Only)
  • Cliff Rescue (Ocean Lifeguards Only)
  • Advanced First Aid (Title 22)

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