Beach events are the wave of the future – COVID19

As we are heading into the holiday season many are looking forward to those celebrations with family for the Christmas holiday. It won’t be long before the New Year is upon us and then what? Many of us will be very happy to see 2020 depart! With all the CoronaVirus shutdowns and schools closed, we have heard nothing but agitation and frustration from people all over Southern California. Kids have no school, no sports/activities and they have a lot of pent up energy. What can we do at this point? We can either comply or we can all learn to adapt by creating new ways of getting out of the house.

We are working hard to come up with solutions for Southern Californians tired of the draconian lockdowns and restrictions especially in light of the newest round of restrictions imposed by Governor Newsom and now locals such as the Los Angeles County Health Director, Barbara Ferrer. The beach is exactly what is needed to lift the spirits and beach days can be quite safe.

One of the things we have come to realize is that for now and all summer long, the beaches have remained open. With that in mind we are promoting the idea of beach events for the family and kids. We will be working with top event planners to come up with fantastic family friendly ideas and ideas for corporate events as well. We will also be working with a local yacht charter company out of Marina Del Rey to offer packages that offer half day or full day excursions out on the ocean. Our goal is to create alternatives to pool parties that have been put on hold due to fear and of course the lockdowns. In fact, we will go further by stating that the lockdowns and restrictions have irreparably damaged the pool party industry and will not come back.

The first thing we will be creating are beach party packages that includes beach game coaches and a lifeguard for the kids. These new packages will feature games and activities for the kids to keep them active for a day. We have also not forgotten about the parents by offering light refreshments and food for all. These packages will come complete with beach umbrellas and chairs among other things. Since we are in the early stages of planning these packages, nothing is set in stone yet. In the meantime you can visit our friends at Santa Monica Picnic Company or Beach Now LA.

As we are planning these packages we have determined that Will Rogers South (Santa Monica) will be the best place to host these beach events for the kids. Most of the time water conditions are favorable for water activities such as boogie boarding or wading. Everyone has their beach preferences and we can set up these events on any beach of your choice.

Our goal is to be able to start offering these packages in the Spring of 2021, most likely after February when conditions start to warm up a bit.

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