Southern California Private Ocean Lifeguard Specialists

Golden State Lifeguards has been the premier year-round provider of ocean lifeguards in the Southern California region for the last 18 years. During the last eighteen years, the company has had the pleasure of providing services to celebrities, corporations, film productions and non-profits (Mujeres De La Tierra & A Place Called Home, etc.) with no signs of slowing down. In fact demand for private ocean lifeguard services is on the rise showing no signs of slowing down one bit.

There are many instances when private ocean lifeguards would be contracted. It could be for a beach party or event, a film production on the beach or open water, or even a private members resort/club along the Southern California coast. Whatever the case may be, Southern California has a reputable and trusted source for private ocean lifeguards. In fact Golden State Lifeguards has and will continue to be those second set of eyes/ears for our esteemed colleagues at Los Angeles County Lifeguards and State Parks Lifeguards.

It is true that during the summer months, most County and State agencies will have full staffing of lifeguard towers however having dedicated lifeguards for a group, production or resort ensures that there are eyes on the water at all times with no distractions. What about beaches that are not staffed with County or State lifeguards? Beaches such as Escondido or even sections of Broad Beach can benefit from having privately contracted lifeguards on the sand. Most drownings at the beach can be attributed to the fact that there were no lifeguards on duty. Below are several examples of why private lifeguards should be contracted for unprotected beaches.


Golden State Lifeguards is local, not an offshore based company and we will be seeking USLA certification as an agency.

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