The Importance Of Yacht Charter Lifeguards

Southern California is known for its sun and sand however there is one often overlooked activity that offers the best that Southern California offers. That activity is being on board a yacht charter cruising along the coast from Marina Del Rey to Malibu or anywhere along the coast for that matter. The sights are unbelievable and on a clear day guests can see the world famous Hollywood sign hugging the mountain it resides on or cruise near the Santa Monica Pier. There is no better way to enjoy a day out on the water.

Although yacht charters are fun and relaxing, there are many risks associated with a trip especially if it includes water sports such as snorkeling, kayaking or paddle boarding. Safety should never be overlooked and if your charter captain is savvy, he or she will have taken all precautions to mitigate any injuries or worse including having trained professional lifeguards aboard just in case. Not just any lifeguard but USLA trained ocean lifeguards as opposed to ill trained pool lifeguards. NEVER have a pool lifeguard do the job of an ocean lifeguard.

When it comes to yacht charters, we have always advocated for ocean lifeguard/medics being on board in case of a medical emergency or water related emergency. We are very fortunate that since working with The Legend Yacht (Marina Del Rey) for the last four years we have had only one medical incident that required a response from Los Angeles County Lifeguards Baywatch unit. That one incident definitely demonstrated the need for private ocean lifeguards on board for charters.

The Legend Yacht charter is one of the few that recognize having a lifeguard aboard is a smart move offering peace of mind to crew and guests. We are actively working hard to reach out to other charters to get lifeguards on board and we are confident that more charters will utilize the resources we offer. It makes perfect sense.

If you are considering a yacht charter, you need to be aware that not all charters are playing by the rules and in fact there are many that operate illegally in Marina Del Rey. Most would not know this unless working inside like we do. For those running illegal charters are definitely not thinking about the safety of guests rather than how much money they are going to pocket. They would also never consider having lifeguards on board their vessels either. There are however many that are operating legally and according to Coast Guard standards. Just be sure to ask the right questions before you make your decision on a yacht charter for the day.

Some of the reasons for having a lifeguard aboard are:

  • Bad weather
  • Large swells
  • Medical emergency
  • Drowning prevention

If you would like to hire ocean lifeguards for your charter, please email us at


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