Beach Safety Clinic For Families



Every year thousands of families visit Southern California beaches to enjoy their day in the sun however for some that fun turns into a day at the ER or Urgent Care facility. As a private Ocean Rescue & Safety company, we believe in empowering families with safety knowledge that will allow them to have a fun but safe day at the beach.

We offer clinics for families, teaching them about hazards at the beach. With this knowledge, many moms and dads can keep their kids safe in the water at all times. This will help lifeguards to be able to do their jobs more effectively. Recognizing hazards and acting will ensure a fin day at the beach.

Our clinics can be taught in the comfort of your home or backyard. Whether it is one family or multiple families, the clinic will be empowering. We can also host a clinic on the beach for a more enhanced experience year round.

Our clinic will cover:

General beach safety
Rip current awareness & safety
Stingray safety & first aid
Lightning safety
When to notify lifeguards or law enforcement
Marine mammal awareness

The cost for our clinic including handouts:
$30.00 per adult
$15.00 per child
We offer large group rates (schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Mom groups)

If you are interested in a beach safety clinic, please email us at 

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