Golden State Lifeguards now offering beach safety clinic

By popular demand, Golden State Lifeguards is now offering an in-person and Zoom beach safety clinic for families and groups that plan on visiting the beach in the future. The clinic is designed to educate families and groups on the hidden dangers of visiting the beach and what can be done to ensure a safe and happy experience. This clinic is being presented from the perspective of lifeguards who work the beach day in and day out.

As ocean safety specialists, it is our job to anticipate the problems that beach visitors could run into and what could be done to mitigate those risks. We present information that on a typical day most would not even think about. One of the most requested topics is on the subject of rip currents. This is just one of many hazards that we educate on.

Some of the subjects that we present are rip current awareness & safety, stingray awareness & first aid, weather related hazards and many more subjects.

Our Zoom clinic is designed for families or groups that are planning a visit from another state and can’t participate in the clinic here in southern California. Our in-person clinic can be hosted at a home or office.

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