Southern California Holiday Yacht Charter Lifeguards

It does not take a rocket scientist to feel the change occurring in Southern California with the Holidays fast approaching. Plans are being made to spend time with the families, airline tickets are being purchased and for some, a yacht charter for the holidays is the thing.

For those planning and considering holiday events on board one of the many yacht charters in Marina Del Rey should always talk about safety aboard the charter. For many a yacht charter is thought of as a joyous occasion with no worries at all however what if a medical emergency occurs on board? What if there is a man overboard? What then? Sometimes even the Captains or boat operators will not consider additional safety via ocean lifeguards. Well, we are asking everyone the question, what if one is needed but there is no one?

Here is an article about a man overboard a mile offshore with LASD marine unit responding as an example of what could happen:

Most of the holiday yacht charters either stay in the marina and for some venture out along the coast towards Pacific Palisades or even as far as Malibu. They usually go out after sunset making it much more hazardous especially if a man goes overboard. Although this is a rare occurrence, it should always be in the back of a Captain’s mind and what the emergency action plan should be in this situation.

For most holiday charters you will have guests drinking alcohol and then there will be some who take other misc. substances creating a potential problem. What happens if a guest becomes too intoxicated? What if there is a drug interaction creating a medical emergency? What then? Usually this means a broadcast out to Los Angeles County Lifeguards Baywatch who will have on board paramedics who can respond.

There are many potential issues that could arise out on open water and with a medical response that could be delayed due to weather, poor light or other factors, having on board lifeguard/medics could make difference. Our lifeguards are trained for most scenarios and luckily have not had to step into action, the peace of mind of knowing that someone is able to react is reassuring to charter guests.

Our lifeguards can be found on board the The Legend Yacht Charters and have been serving them proudly for 4 years on a year round basis. Crew and lifeguards know how to work with one another for a safe and seamless experience for charter guests.


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